Manchester Mistress Brown


I may paddle you until your bottom is black,  I may cane you until the red and purple welts are too many to count. Never,  ever will I push you farther than you want to go,  do damage you cannot recover from, or deliberately harm you. If you are experienced, I may push your limits,  and if you are nervous and new,  I may hold your hand and lead you gently.




Your only responsibility here is to be open and honest, to tell Mistress your limits, and to invoke your safeword should you ever need them.  Miss Brown will treat you with kindness, and require respect in return.


What goes on beyond that is a constant discussion of dreams, desires, fears, and boundaries. We will build a bond of trust, without which one cannot play.



Come, beg for permission to serve me.

Perhaps you’ve played for years, and know your preferences well. Perhaps you have never played before and are nervously excited to explore this side of yourself. Either way, you should know a bit about Manchester Dominatrix, Miss Buffy Brown and MY, approach to BDSM.

Mistress believes in the Loving Dominant.



That means that Mistress Brown feels each and every one of Her submissives and slaves are a gift to be treasured. Each of you is unique and special, and it is my task – and joy – to train you, torment you, punish you, and praise you.


It is MY Preference to build you up rather than tear you down. Think of yourself as MY possession; why would I want to keep a useless toy? Rather,Mistress Brown wants to help you develop, to grow within your service to Her,  and become the best slave, toy, pet, or sub you can be. In this

way,  you become more valuable,  and much more prized.



Mistress Buffy Brown will see to your needs and well-being, your safety and happiness. Naturally, within the context of BDSM,  this takes on a different meaning than in the vanilla world.