Manchester Mistress  


UnleaSHEd creates a traditional environment in which males can free themselves of societal pressures and embrace the slave you know you really are. 


There will be entertainment the way it should be, with slaves volunteering and females laughing at their expense. A luxe atmosphere and simple rules to follow. Females can also delight and revel in their true Dominant nature and superiority.


Q: Is this event only for male submissives or does this extend itself to female submissives too?

A: If you are a Dominant Female, you are of course welcome equally, If you feel the need to be submissive or subservient toward the Female gender, then you're welcome. Boy, girl or in-between are all welcome.


Q: Is this a structured event?, play event? or more of an elaborate munch?

A: You may feel free to play wherever you want and however you wish providing all interactions are consensual, hygienic and respectful to the venue and anyone within un-intentional whipping distance! 

There will be a bar and some entertainment along with house slaves and designated play areas. PLAY RESPONSIBLY! 


Q: What are the house rules in relation to Dominant Females? 

A: This event is high protocol. That means you will adhere to rules and ANY MIstress may instruct you. Although a RED ribbon or COLLAR AND TAG does dictate ownership so please ensure boundaries are respected. (Provided slave has permission from their owner to play freely) 

Equally, Domina’s with any class are expected to respect collared/owned slaves belonging to others. Please ensure consent for use has been granted by ‘it’s’ owner.


Q: What if I don't want marks or to be abused beyond my limits?

A: Wristbands are available………PICK YOUR POISON

Red: Severe play/impact play/you can be marked. (No responsibility for marks will be taken if you choose to engage in any play without a safteyword) PURE SLAVE

Yellow: Watersports/spitting/slapping

Orange: Light/tied and teased/superficial reddening ok, but no marking is to be left!

Pink: Sissys/sluts/humiliation and/or any form of feminisation.

Blue: feet/trampling/worship/respectful massage 

Purple: Latex!!!

Black: Voyeur - Respectfully, please leave me be Mistress and allow the honour of letting me watch.

White: Not sure - need guidance and help discovering my subservience.

All unattached slaves have a red S on their forehead in lipstick . Identifying them as a ' free slave ' 


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