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Manchester's Fetish Medical Centre

Medical Fetish Sessions - The Sexy Fetish Nurse 

Nurse Brown's fetish and BDSM Medical suite in Manchester will encapsulate all those medical desires you crave. Mistress Brown is considered an expert in the field of medical fetish play and has taken training in certain procedures.


The clinic's white walls and shiny chrome utensils have always fascinated Miss Buffy Brown. Nurse Brown loves nothing more than having a patient visit the bespoke medical room for some procedures; all listed below.  From unintrusive procedures like cock inspection and blood pressure monitoring, to full anal inspection and controlled breathplay.   

  •  Bondage, restraint and mummification

  •  Sensory deprivation

  •  Hoods

  •  Gas masks

  •  Anesthetic masks with rebreather bag

  •  Blindfolds

  •  Gags – ball, bit, pump up, butterfly, O-riJennings dental gag

  •  Breath play - asphyxiation, breath control and suffocation

  •  Poppers

  •  Rectal, penile and testicular examination check-ups

  •  Enemas – gravity feed and Higginsons syringes.  that extra tingling sensation;

  • Anal play – dildos of all sizes, dilation and streching

  •  Strap on – all size  

  •  Urethral sounds – Rosebud and Hegar kits; vibrating and electrical sounds

  •  Catheters

  •  Scrotal inflation

  •  Depilation – shaving and waxing

  •  Electro-stimulation -E stim Multi channel  powerbox  for cbt and electric dildo and butt plug

  •  CBT – crushing and stretching with parachutes and pulley systems

  •   Needle play – cock and ball, nipple piercing and corset piercings

  •  Scalpel play (light cutting and psychodrama)

  •  Nipple play – clamps, suction cups

  •  Suction and fire cupping

  •  Vacuum penis pump

  •  Sensation play – feathers, ice, hot wax, pinwheel, ball chain whip, nettle torture

  •  Blood pressure kit

  •  Stethoscopes

  •  Forceps

  •  Chastity device (CB3000)

Manchester Mistress Brown


Medical Scenarios

manchester medical fetish mistress
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