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Manchester Mistress Brown

Manchester Mistress Buffy Brown

Manchester Mistress Brown- A Highly Skilled Dominatrix

Mistress Buffy Brown has been a resident Mistress In Manchester for 14 years.  She is highly skilled in many areas of BDSM and fetishism.  Her enthusiasm for creating interesting dungeon sessions is very evident when you see her Dominant smile as you submit to your Goddess, Mistress or Dominatrix.

Mistress Brown is certain you would only want to give your submission to a Professsional Dominatrix.

Mistress Buffy Brown is a true Professional Dominatrix and this is obvious from the minute you walk in to the Manchester Based dungeon. You will be greeted by Miss Buffy Brown wearing the highest quality latex, leather or whatever outfit makes all submissive males drop to thier knees and beg to serve Mistress Brown.

A Connoisseur BDSM Practitioner

Mistress Brown is considered to be highly skilled in all forms of BDSM and Fetishism.  The areas of BDSM that she practices frequently in her Manchester Dungeon are corporal punishment role plays, where she enjoys taking on the role of a strict headmistress and spanking her naughty submissive men until they plead with her for mercy.


"I have been to see many Mistresses in Manchester and surrounding areas and no one canes like Mistress Brown, I particularly like it when Mistress smiles and says-"stop crying like a little sissy girl"


Mistress Brown loves to see her ABDLs and Sissys, in her Manchester ABDL nursery and you can find her ABDL/Sissy dedicated site here

Slaves worship Mistress Brown in her Manchester Dungeon

I consider myself so lucky and fortunate to serve the amazing Mistress Brown. She is beautiful, intelligent, funny and warm - as well as being naturally Dominant and truly understands the mind of the submissive male. Mistress has a unique ability to be strict, dominant, harsh, kind, understanding and considerate all at the same time. Whatever you are looking for in a Mistress I guarantee that you will find it in Mistress Brown. Thank you for being my Mistress, my friend - my everything

Mistress Brown has always been able to read my body language

I've been sessioning with Mistress Brown for several years and she has been my guide on my kinky journey!  

It all started with a simple spanking and progressed into all aspects of BDSM. Teaching me and pushing my limits to reach greater pleasures.


Manchester, Eccles M30 0FH
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